About Emovi

Emovi (pronounced e-moh´-vee) is a puzzle that consists of using exactly 8 emoji in a row to describe one movie.

How to Play

Look at the emoji in the row. What you are likely looking at is the actual story of the movie. You may see key characters, places, or objects, and they are placed typically in some meaningful order – not necessarily chronological, but sometimes. For example, look at this emovi:

You see a girl, a small house, and a tornado. This depicts the beginning of The Wizard of Oz.  But not everything is chronological here. Dorothy gets the ruby slippers soon after arriving in Oz, but they do not become significant until the end of the movie. Since there are only 8 emoji, we can't show all the characters of the film, so one, the lion, has been chosen to represent all of them. Plus, in the emoji set, there is no witch, no broom,  no tin man, etc. A fantasy-looking castle must suffice to represent Oz and/or the Emerald City. Amidst all this is lots of music.  

Usually, the emoji are not literally spelling out words. If there is something like that going on, you will see a square speech bubble in front of the literal emoji, as in this emovi of Never Cry Wolf (1983):

The three emoji following the square speech bubble are literally "never", "cry", and "wolf." The square speech bubble won't always be used this way, but it can be a clue to some literal words being represented. In the following case, the speech bubble is used to highlight a key line of the film... can you figure it out?

Then there is the rare possibility that what you are seeing is not chronological, but more like a poster of the movie. This one of Despicable Me (2010) threw many players for a loop: 

Lastly, it might be helpful to know that the emoji set used by emovi is quite limited, making the puzzles that more challenging to make and guess. One important limitation to know is that there is only one gun emoji. When the gun is used, it does mean that there is a gun (or many guns) in the movie, but it is not necessarily a revolver. The gun shows up a lot, and it is always facing to the left, regardless of its meaning. 

Why exactly 8 emoji?

While a movie may be represented by fewer than 8 emoji, some movies need more. When developing the puzzle, it was determined that 8 emoji was just right for depicting a set of main characters, primary plot points, or both. Sometimes you may even find a literal depiction of the movie title. In solving, the set of 8 provides an entertaining amount of attention and thought to properly deduce the answer. Finally, when an answer occurs to the solver, the full set of 8 often provides a conclusive confirmation that the answer imagined is the correct one.

What Emoji sets do the puzzles use?

Emovi puzzles exclusively use the Google emoji set, which provides both enough breadth and constraint to create a challenging and expressive puzzle. This set is aesthetically pleasing and has continued, dedicated development effort.

The first 141 Emovi puzzles rely on the Google Android 6.0.1 release. Puzzles use the Android N emoji set, which was released in the second half of 2016 with the Android 7.0+ update.

Can I make an Emovi puzzle?

Sure! If you do, send it to us, and you might see it in a future daily puzzle. But if you do, be sure to make it with the above constraints. If you make an Emovi with more or less than 8 symbols, and/or those symbols use a different emoji set, it won't be an Emovi puzzle. 

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