the crew




Griffin provides game rules and color, as well as concept art, character development, and shameless promotion of Sudden Monkey! creations amongst his vast, youth audience network.

LOVES asymmetric, character-driven games with high stakes, like Coup, The Red Dragon Inn, Star Wars Rebellion, and Elder Sign

WINS competitive games requiring ruthless calculation, like The Duke, Onitama, Love Letter, and Alley Cats.

LOSES group games with fuzzy parameters, like Apples to Apples, Valdora, Qwixx, and Dragonwood.




Evan provides the game design, graphic design, and executive decisions for Sudden Monkey! Fortunately. he enjoys the business and production side of games as much as the design.


LOVES games with epic, immersive strategy, like Elder Sign, Avalon Hill’s Dune, Pandemic Iberia, and Star Wars Rebellion.

WINS games that require strategic logic or artistic skill, like Quadropolis, Scrabble, Stratego, and Pictionary.

LOSES party games like Wits & Wagers, Scattergories, and The Red Dragon Inn