Runaway Robot is a one-time through sci-fi mystery-in-a-box for 1 to 8 players. Connect the clues scattered amidst a crazed scientist’s frantic notes, old computer parts, and cryptic correspondence to discover the terrible secret that broke the artificial mind he created.

Dive in like a detective, and immerse yourself in an unsolved mystery from the early days of Silicon Valley. This is a code-cracking metapuzzle adventure inspired by classic, story-driven PC mystery games like Myst and Machinarium, but with all-physical materials and a start-anywhere style of gameplay.

Sudden Monkey! is looking for game reviewers in advance of or during our Kickstarter campaign.


1-time through, age 14 and up, solo or group play (1 to 8 players), play time apx. 3-5 hours

We have seen enthusiasm amongst our early testers and fans. And while this isn’t the first game or product we have produced, this will be our first official Kickstarter campaign, so we are looking for some endorsement and interest from the larger gaming community when we go live.

We are ready to produce, except for funding

The expected pledge price of one game will be a low $16 + shipping.

The Kickstarter goal is $12,000 - which is equivalent to  750 backers to get this produced. We have at least 1 premium version planned as well.


“Something has gone horribly wrong…”

A strange package arrives at you door – it is addressed to you, but who is it from? You open it to find remnants from some dusty shelf of computer components... But there is a mystery here. Strange that this would fall into your lap… There are no “instructions”. You are not a “player”, and something about the dire tone in these letters tells you this is not a “game”.



“Metapuzzle” may have a few definitions, but the only one you’ll need to understand the gameplay of Runaway Robot is that it’s a series of small puzzles that culminate in a single, ultimate puzzle answer. This game has 8-ish or 9-ish puzzles, each one a little different than the rest. Solving all of them will be necessary to crack the robot’s dire revelation.

To solve this mystery, you’ll employ classic detective skills, including a keen eye for detail, logical deduction, spatial reasoning, and cryptography. You may want to get out your corkboard, string, and the most beautiful minds in the neighborhood, but in time it will all make perfect sense… and they thought you were mad!

Plus, this game has the retro goodie that makes your inner 10-year-old heart sing: RED LENS TECHNOLOGY. Inspect the elaborate circuitry of these old motherboards to gain clues and hints. Fun, literally EVERY TIME you pick them up... even if you’ve already read the clues!

The game also has some fun easter eggs in it that, when you find them, help you feel like the smartest geek in the virtual community. #NoSpoilers. But on that note...

Even seasoned puzzle buffs will find aspects of this game difficult –  and so it comes with a built-in safety valve called ONLINE GAME GUIDE, which allows you to dial in the difficulty to hard-moderate-easy-cheat on each individual puzzle, depending on the weakness of your mind and the moral content of your character. In other words, if as a kid you never would have eaten that marshmallow, you will refuse to use the ONLINE GAME GUIDE.

"Tear This Apart!"

This is one-time-through game. So what’s the deal with these, right? Well, for one, it’s immersive, like a movie, dream, or a good book. One-time-through games lend themselves to more immersion, because everyone involved can get swept away by the story. They also lend themselves to twist endings and plot-driven world building. This is what is going on with Runaway Robot. There is something to savor here, as you piece together the mystery. We have an add-on that includes duplicate 1-time parts (ones that are destroyed during the game), in order to make a second playing, or game archiving, possible.

For Whom?

Runaway Robot is good for solo or group play. We're finding the groups that play the game really enjoy the non-linear, team dynamics. As a group, you may choose to let each person wander amidst the elements, or break out in pairs, all the while discussing aspects and thinking out loud. Thanks to the varying skills necessary to solve, an alpha in the group will most likely not be able to solve everything alone. But a quiet, solitary thinker will also enjoy it for its challenges and depth. As a solo solver, you may have this on the corner of the dining room table for a while, picking it up over a series of sessions.

Depending on the difficulty level you choose, we are seeing solve times from 3 to 5 hours, no matter if it is 1 or 8 people solving it. Groups have accomplished solving in an average of two sessions.